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VPS Chef Benchmarks

Hello, and welcome to the VPS Chef Benchmarks!

You may want to read up how we generate the benchmarking figures over here:

About the VPS Chef Benchmarks

Whilst there may not be hundreds of benchmarks listed here, those that are have been thoroughly analyzed over time to give you a really good understanding of VPS performance.

The benchmarks are split out by advertised RAM and virtualization type, so you can compare all 512Mb Xen providers or all 256Mb OpenVZ providers. Obviously it is going to take time to build up the database of benchmarks, so keep checking in and following us on Twitter.

Current Benchmark Tables

OpenVZ - 256Mb benchmarks

Want to be benchmarked and listed?

The benchmarks you see at the moment are a result of spending my own money, so the ramp up is steady but slow.

I am trying to priortise some of the more popular providers to benchmark side by side, but if you are interested in having your services benchmarked and listed, or know of a worthy provider to benchmark, then please do get in touch: