The VPS Chef Manifesto outlines the guiding principles on which this site operates. In the dark, murky world of web hosting and VPS providers, it is important to keep on the right side of what is genuine and what is questionable.

The VPS Chef Guiding Principes Are

  • Identical critera will be used to test, benchmark and review the technical aspects of a VPS service
  • VPS services will be benchmarked and tested over a series of days and weeks to ensure any performance boosts/lags are ironed out in the statistics
  • We will never take money or gain for reviewing or recommending a VPS provider
  • Free accounts will be accepted (and acknowledged) in order to review a VPS provider, but will have no bearing on the outcome
  • Any advertisements or sponsored links will be marked as such, and there will be no disguising this
  • News and reported information will be as neutral as possible, but historical references to good or bad experiences/coverage is inevitable. We will also underline recurring issues with VPS providers for the benefit of readers.